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Aquarium Algae on Plants How to Remove and Prevent

plants 150x150Aquarium algae on plants can spoil the fresh looks of your aquarium. Green leaves covered with brown spots hairy algae look plain terrible. Vivid colors are gone, sometimes algae cover whole plants from top to bottom.

This happens quite often for a number of reasons. Main problem is that plants don’t grow fats enough to competeĀ  with algaeĀ  over the fish waste products which algae feed on. Excess fish waste accumulated in the water will cause all kinds of algae to bloom.

How to prevent algae from growing on your plants

In severe cases a whole aquarium blackout for abut a week can help to kill algae which rely on daylight.

First thing to do is to remove as much as possible of aquarium algae by changing the water in the aquarium, at least 50%, then again two days later. After that change the water regularly eery week, smaller fish tanks require larger amounts of water to be changed.

From leafy plants you can delicately wipe out the growth using soft sponge. Algae on rocks can be easily brushed off. Remove algae from fish tank glass as much as possible.

To compete with aquarium algae aquatic plants need proper nutrients. Use aquatic plant fertilizers in the water and if possible feed the roots of the plant using nutrient capsules or syringe feeding. You should be using a proper substrate that provides nutrients for plants for a longer time.

If your plants are still in pots you should remove them and replant as this prevents the plant from growing. Also the quality of your plants may vary, maybe it’s time to replace them with better and healthy ones.

Your plants also rely on the quality of lighting , the light spectrum you use can support the plant growth so choose the bulb that supports plants. Provide enough of light for your plants and keep the lights on for at least 8 hours daily.

Think CO2! CO2 is necessary for the plants to build their core structure, lack of CO2 in an aquarium leads to algae blooming. There are many cheap CO2 kits on the market.

These tips should help you tackle your algae issue in your aquarium but some types of algae can be tough to remove. Look online for a way to identify specific type of algae to find out why it occurs and how you can deal with it.
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