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Can I Put a Baby Cichlid With Tropical Fish?

i have sharks,3 tetras, barbs and danios in a big hexagon tank…could i buy a baby parrot about less then a week old and put him with my tropical fish?

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  1. Brutal Baby

    cichlids are fighting fish they are better off by themselves or with other cichlids. it will just kill off all your other fish.

  2. just a thought

    I think you are talking about the blood parrot cichilds? I know they are so awesome. Sadly DO NOT do it. It grows fast, will get about 7 inches and yes – it will eat your other tropical fish.

    I just looked at these last week and I had to say no. I do have 2 cichilds in my tank. They are Kribensis Cichilds. You might be able to introduce them into your tank but only in two’s!! I have them in a 50 gallon tank with Tiger Barbs, Tetra’s, Silver Dollars and a Pleco. (All living happily and it will be 3 years in April!)

    Here’s a link: they are quite lovely and rainbow colored. Mine at almost 3 years are about the same size at the photo in the link.

  3. broombro1lb

    First make sure you don’t have more than 1 inch of fish per gallon since nearly all cichlids are delicate when it comes to water quality.
    Like the answers above, don’t add african or parrot cichlids, and the Amazonian coachloads such as grubbiness could do well as long as they have room for themselves, especially during breeding season. Others include german rams, checkerboard, and apistogramma species but as I stated before, all of these require specific water conditions, look them up online.

  4. Trent

    I would recommend not to because cichlids have a very aggressive nature. They are the type of fish that should be given plenty of space to lower aggression and should be kept with other cichlids. Even in some cases cichlids wont get along with other cichlids. I have some cichlids with tetras and barbs and they are fine but i still would not recommend it considering there is a chance of them pestering the other fish.

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