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How Much Electricity Does a Tropical Fish Tank Use?

I am thinking of getting some tropical fish, but do not want to pay a huge bill for the electricity to run the heater for the tank.
How much electicity does the heater for the tank use? Would it be expensive?
I would have a medium/small tank.

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  1. gohabsgo!

    Look for the electrical tag on the tank, heater and light. Multiply wattage (100W or whatever) by time used per day. Then multiply that number by the cost per Kilowatt hour (provided by your electrical company. This will give you the cost per day in cents..

    note : 127 watts = .127 Kw so put watts into Kw before calculating. Obviously, multiply your cost per day by 365 to
    get yearly cost. Shouldnt be more than 30$…

    Energy per day = power ( watts ) x ( TIME PER DAY)

    Cost per day = energy per day x cost per Kw

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